Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monica's Reflections P1_P5

Monica’s Final Reflections:
Based on my research throughout these blog posts, I’ve learned many things. Doing research is always beneficial no matter what your topic is. There is always something to learn- even if you think you know it all- chances are you don’t.  I learned about future job growth, salary figures, and some necessary steps- including education. 

Additionally, I learned some things about myself. I narrowed down the jobs I’d like to apply for once I’ve completed my degree- which was something I have been struggling with. After changing majors, I was a little regretful, but think I have found a way to link my Business Admin degree to fields I really enjoy. I also think through these assignments my interest in each industry has intensified- I now have an order of which jobs I can see myself in. I’ve been able to filter some out and can now focus on the ones I desire to be in the most. 

No matter what industry you’re trying to get your foot in the door with, there are a few key components that are constant throughout the search to find your dream job. I think some of the most important things to keep in mind is work hard, be patient, and network! With the interview we all conducted in P1_P4, we all expanded out network! It’s that easy! Stay focused and don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal (~_*)

I enjoyed my research and will continue to look at some of the sites I used, especially! Furthermore, I enjoyed reading about fellow classmate’s research and fields of interest.